Welcome to The Qi Lab

Our laboratory focuses on understanding the roles of mitochondrial quality control and metabolism in neurodegenerative diseases. We use the combination of unbiased proteomics and genomics, cellular and molecular biology, genetic manipulation in vitro and in vivo, patient iPS cells-derived cell culture and diseased animals to investigate the fundamental mechanisms and pathways by which mitochondrial impairment contributes to cellular metabolism disturbance and neurodegeneration. We also utilize rationally designed peptide inhibitors of protein-protein interactions and high throughput screening approach to developing “mitochondrial medicine” as therapeutic strategies for treating neurodegenerative diseases.


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Department of Physiology & Biophysics

Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

2109 Adelbert Road, Robbins building E548A-G, Cleveland, Ohio 44106

Office phone: 216-368-4459; Lab phone: 216-368-0886